MicroDef on Ben NanoNote (almost done)

I finally have managed to do a functional port of my Microdef program to the Ben NanoNote.

Microdef on Ben NanoNote

It’s written in the Gtk+ and it was my first attempt to port Gtk+ code to the OpenWRT. So first I compiled the program for the JLime operating system (it has the X11 like all “normal” desktop Linuxess have). Then I have started to make possible to control the program exclusively from keyboard (because the Ben has no pointing device). To make the porting more easy I also have written scripts for GNU Autotools. So now I is possible to use ./configure ; make ; make install, too.

I have experienced several problems: the first one was the method of text rendering in the drawing area. I used the deprecated procedures which don’t work in the OpenWRT version of the Gtk+ library. So now I’m using Pango library for the test. The second problem is harder: the Gtk+ ignores numerical symbols from the Ben’s keyboard. They have to be input with “fn” but it does not work. So I have written a small workaroud for this – it is now possible to enter some letters instead of numbers (for example, the “n” key should generate a “1” if used with “fn” switch; so Microdef now reads “n” as “1”).

MicroDef on Ben NanoNote (almost done)

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