Milkymist One

Milkymist One

Let me introduce my new toy: the Milkymist One video synthetiser. Actually, it is a reconfigurable computer which use a FPGA instead of a traditional CPU. S o it’s something really interesting. It uses the RTOS as it’s operating system. That’s also unusual (ant thus very interesting) for me.

MilkyMist One: Flickernoise GUI

The device ships with nice and easy to use GUI and with several tens of pre-created visual effects. It is very impressive, I must say. Unfortunatelly, I still didn’t find enought time to play more with the Milkymist.

Flickernoise visualization

For now, I nonly have tried to connect with the telnet; and the ftp to the Milkysist (I used it to made screenshots) and I also tried to create simple visual effect directly on the Milkymist (using the GUI). It’s surprisingly fast (the visual effects are execuded in real time) and unusually quiet (it has no moving parts – no fans and it also uses very little power).

Milkymist One

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