QtMoko and Neo Freerunner

I finally have got an another Neo Freerunner. It’s a basic one, without upgrades and bugfixes. I have no plan to use it as a mobile phone.
I have got it because I think that is is a better GPS device than other ones. It fits in my hand and it is quite durable.

Recently I have tried to install a QtMoko Linux on it. Just to try it because
the SHR Linux with the TangoGPS sofware has been just enough for me. But current SHR version has several problems (for example, the alarm clock does now work, the time in GUI doesn’t update after resume from suspend – it needs some time to update – and so on). So I decided to try the QtMoko.

English dictionary on QtMoko

I’m still (positively) surprised: it is not very elegant and some thing are overcomplicated but it works. It just works and everything can be done withing the GUI (I generally prefer a comand line approach – but it is not wery sane to control a touchscreen-only device from a text terminal…). The only problem that I still don’t have a wirkting X server (so I can’t use the FBReader or the TangoGPS at the moment). But it is probably my fault.

Now I’m trying to learn the native NeronGPS application. It’s similar to the TangoGPS but it’s designed for the QtMoko. It’s younger so some features are still missing but the basic things works as expected.

P.S. Sorry for no informations about the Ben Nanonote. It have become a very boring device – I recently have had no issues to solve. It just works…

QtMoko and Neo Freerunner

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