New Software Image for Ben NanoNote

Xiangfu Liu recently released new testing software imaqe. I have got second NanoNote before few weeks so now I can test new things on the one NanoNote while actively using the second one for real stuff.

This software image is marked testing, not “stable” so things may or may not work OK. But they seems to work well in this case.

Gmenu2x Launcher on Ben NanoNote

What is new?

  • Polished Gmenu2X launcher (more application, more colorfull icons, better controls,…)
  • GNU Octave is included by default (unfortunately it is without launcher icon and without plotting support)
  • More games (also important… šŸ˜‰
  • Links web browser with graphical mode (yes, it has no HTML5 and no CSS)

Links Web Browser on Ben NanoNote

There still are some things that can be improved:

  • No Gnuplot by default (can be added later and it works well)
  • No screen blanking in Gmenu2X (it really eats battery….)
  • Still no detection of uSD cards at startup (it is recognised and mounted only whet inserted at runtime).

Links web browser on Ben NanoNote 2

In general it’s very nice to see such progress on software side: more and more software, better integration, stability (it just works). That’s great.

StarDict on Ben NanoNote

New Software Image for Ben NanoNote

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