Reading RSS on NanoNote

It can be useful to read some news during traveling in bus of train. On the NanoNote one can use the Snownews RSS newsreader. It’s prety simple, fast and easy to use (actually, I have use on my desktop it for years).

RSS feeds can be downloaded at once:

snownews --update

Of course, it is not possible to read full articles if the NanoNote is not connected at them moment. It is usual situation for me. But many RSS feeds include extensive abstracts so one can read them and decide what (if any) full article he or she will read later on-line. That’s fine for me.

Snownews on Ben Nanonote - specific feed

There are some issues: the main is that the Snownews is a RSS reader. It doesn’t understand Atom feeds. It can be solved with plugin
but I don’t tried it on the NanoNote, yet.

The second issue is that some dialogs don’t fit on NanoNote’s default sc

Reading RSS on NanoNote

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