My Ben NanoNote

I recently become a fan of the Ben NanoNote pocket-size computer.

Ben NanoNote micronotebook

The Ben is something with shape of a netbook but in very small size (actually it is smaller and lighter than many smartphones).
It seems to be too small for serious work but I thing that its size is actually right. In the past I usually traveled with 9″-17″ notebooks but they are too powerfull and too heavy for my needs. My journeys are usually relatively short and the work with computer is usually limited to making of few easy computations and to writing of several notes and sometimes laso to sending and receiving of several emails. And I always carry a handheld device for reading of books, listening and so on.

The Ben NanoNote is pocket-sized so if potentially can replace both a handheld and a notebook. So I got one and start to use it.

Well, the device is a bit strange: it has no mouse or pointer input and it runs the Linux operating system (actually it is opened to run anything and it is also open for hardware modifications – see manufacturer page for details). It can run application in graphical mode but I prefer the text mode because of size and clarity of the text.
But it’s OK for me because I need to use some of my custom applications on it. So I have welcomed that it runs a operating system with similar properties as one can find on desktop systems with Linux or with Unixes.

Mathomatic computer algebra system

I have ported several applications for use on the Ben NanoNote, they are available here. Of course I also use many programs that are shipped with the device. Screenshots of some more application are available here.

My Ben NanoNote

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